Quantum Leap (QL) and BIC Lazio, a company of the Lazio Region, have joined forces with the aim of promoting the development of innovative start-ups. Careful evaluation, led QL and Bic Lazio to the selection of 10 start-ups from different sectors with a solid know-how and their business ideas among the brightest and innovative. The agreement includes training courses developed on open Innovation themes and technology transfer. QL’s team and some of its closest partners, including renowned business professionals and experts in the field, have delivered engaging lessons, with practical activities and individual counselling, in a 6-week installation timeframe. The course has dealt with the growth process of microbusinesses and the outlining of the main instruments functional to its successful improvement, through an Open Innovation approach, essentially based on intangible assets enhancement and optimization.

The program was organized in the following 5 modules:

  • Introduction to Open Innovation and IP strategy;
  • IPRs Valuation;
  • Market Analysis and Unique Selling Proposition;
  • Fundraising
  • The perfect Investor Pitch

At the end of the program, each attending team discussed its own project work which gained direct entrepreneurial spurt through supporting coherent services deployed by the organizers. Thus, thanks to the specific know-how transfer and close support delivered by QL’s team, the 10 participating start-up businesses have known their core market potential and effectiveness and managed to develop the skills required to face their respective industries.