The importance of Open Innovation in the Super Smart Society

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In the Super Smart Society, the inclusive and intelligent future society in which technology coexists synergistically with man, it is essential that solutions to economic and social problems and the needs of citizens become [...]

Quantum Leap: "We bring innovative patents to startups to companies"

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"We help companies look for" ready made "innovation and new companies to find market opportunities," says Emilia Garito, CEO of the intellectual property brokerage firm. «For us open innovation is promoting research and [...]

XPrize Ibm Watson: space for 10 Italian startups for the 5 million dollar prize (between 4 years)

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The selection for the international contest of innovative ideas on Artificial Intelligence kicks off. There is time to run for 15 in January 2017, then the competition will develop into a series of rounds. But the assignment [...]

What they said at the first super summit on artificial intelligence

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In Geneva, scientists and futurists investigated the impacts and challenges of new technologies for three days. There are five questions in search of an answer. But the moral is that basically artificial intelligence [...]

The new Japanization of the 21st century: Society 5.0 and open innovation

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By the end of the twentieth century we had witnessed the technological supremacy of Japan, the first in the world to create a society based on the culture of coexistence between innovation and tradition, elements which, in [...]


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Italy is a country of technological excellence that believes it must live only in the food, fashion and tourism industry, even though we are in eighth place in the world in terms of number of scientific publications and in the fourth [...]


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Digital transformation and innovation help governments to be more effective, agile, resilient, responsive and help drive economic growth, improve quality of life and create sustainable communities. In many cases the [...]

Hackathon: innovate companies, starting from the outside!

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A Hackathon is a competition between developers, designers and makers of the 24 / 32 / 48 hours, an event involving innovators, potential entrepreneurs, nerds, software programmers, designers, communicators, experts and technology enthusiasts with [.. .]