Research centers

We believe in the importance of the role played by public and private Research and Development institutions. This is why we want to support them in enhancing the Italian ability to invent, design and create innovation, bringing the results to the global market.

We work with development agencies, universities and research centers to bring out and disseminate the results of their work.

We evaluate the technological and economic level of the innovations developed by their researchers and we support university spin-offs and startups involved in acceleration and incubation programs through tailor-made laboratories and services.

Intellectual Property Enhancement
The brokerage service consists in analyzing the solution and evaluating the reference market, complementary products and possible competitors, the possibility of penetrating the technology in the reference market and the economic range to which it is possible to be fired / sold the patent . Ensure robustness and relevance of the patent, proceed with the development of a product sheet that will be proposed to the companies potentially interested.

Patent estimates and evaluations
The service of economic esteem of intellectual property consists in the analysis of the solution and in the evaluation of the technology from the qualitative and quantitative point of view. The former considers parameters such as robustness, risks of patenting and impact on the market, while the second evaluates costs, economic value and the rate of royalties.

Valorisation strategy
Based on the results of the market analysis of the patented solution, the best strategies to conclude a license or a sale will be defined. In particular, by analyzing the business models and the various business activities of potential targets, it will be possible to identify the actions to be taken to present the technology as a real opportunity for companies.

Market analysis
The market analysis service consists in analyzing the solution, evaluating the reference market, the catchment area and the possibilities of penetrating technology in the identified market. On the basis of the results that emerged, the potential of the patent will be evaluated with a view to patent brokerage, leading to identifying potential targets and possible enhancement strategies for the purpose of the license / sale. The service is also aimed at illustrating to the customer the opportunity to suspend maintenance costs if the market shows unfavorable results that do not justify further investments by the owner.

Analysis comparative technical
The benchmarking technical analysis service consists in the analysis of the solution, in the identification of the reference companies of the sector and in the identification of the main competing products, which will be provided with a description of the characteristics that will be compared with the solution in question.

Virtual Incubator: Catalyst
The Catalyst service, through consulting activities, supports research centers, enhancing their know-how and patent portfolio in Italy and abroad, with the aim of accelerating their development and access to the market.

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