We believe that a large company is measured by the ability to innovate production systems and constantly improve its products and services while remaining competitive. This is why starting from an Open Innovation approach, we collaborate on a corporate level with leading companies in various sectors, offering technology transfer services, digital transformation and enhancement of the patent portfolio.

We operate by strengthening the link between the world of Research and Businesses, collecting the specific challenges of each client and finding the most appropriate solutions, implementing them in the company processes, with the ultimate goal of producing Innovation. Finally, on the basis of the results obtained by the Research and Development departments, we generate business opportunities to transform ideas into products and services to be put on the market.

Technological assessment:
Analysis and mapping of the customer's processes and products / services, in order to identify the critical issues and the technologies it requires.

Technological Scouting:
Search for the most appropriate patents and technological solutions to support the customer's needs.

Open innovation projects:
Writing and implementation of customized projects, technology transfer and empowerment of executives, managers and executives with an open innovation approach.

Identification of AI based technologies
Search for solutions based on artificial intelligence for the digitalization of production processes.

Enhancement of the patent portfolio
Analysis of the client's patent portfolio, research and definition of the best solutions for the enhancement and operational management of the process.

4.0 Industry Workshop
Interactive paths through which we support the corporate realities and their managers and employees in acquiring the mind-set and the skills necessary to face the digital transformation.

Cybersecurity courses
Training courses dedicated to all employees, whose purpose is to transfer the knowledge necessary to protect the company from external attacks and for the proper management of private customer data.