We believe that the right investor exists for every startup, so we are committed to ensuring that the identified realities meet the specific needs of the client.

A business angels, venture capital, incubators and accelerators offer support in the search for innovative startups with high potential in which to invest. We also provide services that allow them to have an in-depth picture of the business realities they are interested in.

Technological due diligence

The technological due diligence service supports the various investment funds in the in-depth study of a startup before it is financed. The potential solutions from a technological point of view will be analyzed to confirm or not the real potential of an innovative idea in the eyes of lenders.

Technological Scouting
The service supports investment funds in the search and selection of the best startups, on a national and international level, which are consistent with the needs and interests of the lender, also defining an investment strategy. A start-up company value will also be defined, based on the expected turnover, useful for calculating the right share of the investment to be allocated to the fund.