QL supports companies in identifying the best strategy to enhance their intangible assets.

A good IP Strategy starts from the evaluation of patent extension opportunities in potentially more attractive countries, up to the identification of the type of action suitable for an effective penetration in the relative market. In this perspective, the IP strategy becomes a significant intelligence tool in order to facilitate entry into new markets, and at the same time optimize patenting costs. Furthermore, a correct IP Strategy allows to concentrate the necessary resources for the development and sale of the product only in those countries where the strategic analysis has highlighted commercial elements of relevant interest.


Creation of a strategy to enhance corporate intellectual property:

  • International market analysis

  • Comparative technical analysis with existing patented technologies

  • Creation of new business models based on IP enhancement strategy

  • IP enhancement strategy through co-development in the various countries of interest

  • IP due diligence

  • IP creation process


Formalization and implementation of commercial actions in target markets:

  • Target market analysis

  • Competition analysis

  • IP intelligence analysis

  • Patent Landscaping

  • Evaluation of complementary applications

  • Search for potential business partners

  • Creation of the "IP Strategy and enhancement" process within the company

  • IP Life Cycle Management Services and IP strategy process design