September 2021

Interview with Emilia Garito in the new book "From zero to success"

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Among the "Italian women who made it" in the new book "From zero to success" by Nico Stino, there is also the interview with Emilia Garito, CEO of Quantum Leap IP. The book tells of "true stories of women [...]

June 2021

Recovery Plan and "Priorities and strategies for the restart of the country"

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Emilia Garito, CEO Quantum Leap IP, among the stakeholders involved by Italy Next Generation to discuss "Priorities and strategies for restarting the country", talks about Recovery Plan: what are the improved aspects in its final form? [...]

March 2021

February 2021

“AI shaper” for an ethical innovation on Alley Oop - Il Sole 24 Ore

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What impact does ethics have on artificial intelligence (AI)? "We need to develop an ethical sense of the use of technologies, an economic culture that makes us understand the importance of creating value, not in a speculative or end and itself way, but [...]

December 2020

October 2020

Quantum Leap IP present among Innoveneto suppliers

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Quantum Leap IP is now accredited as a supplier on Innoveneto, the portal created by the Veneto Region to promote ecosystems related to the processes of innovation, technology transfer and internationalization of companies. Innoveneto is a tool aimed at promoting [...]

“Innovation 4 Health” - seventh edition of 4T-Tech Transfer Think Tank

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Only a month away from the seventh edition of 4T - Tech Transfer Think Tank: the main event in Italy that deals with technology transfer, conceived and coordinated by Jacobacci & Partners, this year in [...]

September 2020

29.09 webinar "The quality of the Software, the quality of the Business"

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Quantum Leap will take part in the webinar "The quality of the Software, the quality of the Business" with Emilia Garito, CEO Quantum Leap, who will give a speech on Intellectual Property in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The webinar is organized by SOIEL and [...]

August 2020

July 2020

European funding for SMEs and large companies through the collaboration with CiaoTech-PNO

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The response to the low attitude of Italian companies in participating in European tenders finds its solution in the new collaboration agreement between Quantum Leap IP and CiaoTech - Gruppo PNO: together the two companies [...]

“From the innovative idea to competitive success” webinar Confartigianato Imprese and Digital Innovation Hub Marche

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On 1 July 2020, Confartigianato Imprese and Digital Innovation Hub Marche organized the free webinar "from the innovative idea to competitive success" aimed at illustrating phases and tools useful for making an idea operational, innovating, finding funds and being competitive [. ..]

Work table "Industry that will come" at Think Tank Re / Future / It on 16/7/2020

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Re / Future / It is a proactive, open, non-ideological think tank, created to help public debate and policy makers refocus on ideas and facts. Its goal is to stimulate the birth [...]

Quantum Leap IP will use the Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask ™ Market platform as a brokerage tool

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Quantum Leap-IP has entered into an agreement with Ocean Tomo Transactions, which will make it possible to use Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask ™ Market for the enhancement of its customers' patent portfolio. Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask Market is an open online platform [...]

June 2020


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In this new phase, companies all over the world are committed to defining new paths of innovation. But in order to innovate it is necessary to develop the ability to intercept change - technological, cultural and digital - using it [...]

May 2020

How Open Innovation 5.0 can help companies to a more competitive recovery | webinar 14 and 21 May

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We are still talking about Open Innovation 5.0 in this scenario of uncertainty in two new webinars in collaboration with Execo on 14 and 21 May next. For information:

April 2020

Open Innovation 5.0: a sustainable approach for the industrial models of the future | free webinar April 21 and 22

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To tell how Open Innovation can become a strategic tool, especially in this situation and through the tools of Technology Transfer and IP Strategy, Quantum Leap offers a path through two free webinars: 21 [...]

January 2020

Studying and developing new technologies: here's the secret to growing companies

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Donne Impresa n.168 is Emilia Garito, founder and CEO of Quantum Leap. Calabrese di Catanzaro, 45 years old, IT engineer, for ten years in the ex Finmeccanica, became an entrepreneur by creating a company that creates agreements between companies [...]

December 2019

Quantum Leap IP broadens horizons through the agreement with Innovarte

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Quantum Leap IP has signed an important partnership with Innovarte - a consulting company in technological innovation specialized in the energy and innovative materials sector - present in Asia, Europe and the USA. Founded in Singapore and [...]

Emilia Garito participates in the Quora VIP sessions

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From today 16 December until 23 December Emilia Garito participates in the Quora VIP sessions to answer questions on Open Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Female Entrepreneurship and STEM. To ask a question just use this [...]

November 2019

December 2018

November 2018

An 10 million dollar contest to create the avatars of the future

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The international competition XPrize ANA AVATAR for avatar technologies and advanced robotics has started thanks to the investment of All Nippon Airways. Carrying human skills in a remote-controlled avatar for [...]

October 2018


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Emilia Garito participated as Advisor to the Co-Innovation project between Ferrovie dello Stato and the start-up Verde 21 for the production and storage of renewable energy within the Open Italy program. Open [...]

September 2018


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Emilia Garito participated as a lecturer at the Vetrya Academy the 5 Settembre 2018 at the Vetrya Corporate Campus of Orvieto, speaking of Society 5.0 and the challenges of the next 30 years. [...]

July 2018

June 2018

May 2018

March 2018

February 2018

January 2018

BARILLA 9th International Forum of Food & Nutrition Nourishing the future of food sustainability

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Quantum Leap supported Barilla in organizing the ninth edition of the “International Forum of Food & Nutrition Nourishing the future of food sustainability” event by providing consultancy services regarding the organization of spaces and fittings and in training [...]

December 2017

November 2017

Emilia Garito spoke at the Internet Governance Forum on Artificial Intelligence and Open Innovation

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The fourth industrial transformation is only the prelude to that society of the future in which digital, artificial intelligence and exponential and frontier technologies will be the enabling basis for the resolution of [...]


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Emilia Garito participated as a speaker addressing topics such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence at Iothings, an international event organized by Innovability totally dedicated to IoT and the emerging Digital Transformation of Things. [...]

Emilia Garito - CEO of Quantum Leap in the list of 150 entrepreneurs, scientists and women of innovation in Italy.

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The Startup specialist magazine has included Emilia Garito - CEO of Quantum Leap in the list of 150 entrepreneurs, scientists and women of innovation in Italy.

March 2017


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Quantum Leap has arranged to mentor event for tutors in charge of BIC Lazio, to Lazio region firm, focused on technical topics such as economic patented evaluation and on soft skills in order to [...]


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Emilia Garito participated as moderator at the RomeCup 2017 by addressing two strategic issues: service robotics for rehabilitation and the role of academic spin-offs for innovation development and growth of [...]

December 2016

November 2016

January 2016