QL supports companies that want to innovate by making use of opportunities available to them outside, identified and analyzed in advance by a team of professionals who are experts in enhancing intellectual property and technical and economic assessments of emerging technologies.

QL helps its customers to find new technologies to enter the market and to select already existing technologies whose IP rights are to be acquired through license agreements for the use of patents and / or their acquisition.


These are activities aimed at finding new solutions consistent with the technological Road Map of the client company in relation to market trends, as well as in innovation solutions designed for a long-term business strategy, even in parallel markets and for the purpose of planned product diversification.

  • Innovation screening

  • Technological assessment

  • Innovation needs and innovation gap assessment

  • Patent landscaping

  • Analysis of tech trends in the most captive sectors

  • Identification and scouting of opportunities deemed to be of interest to the client

  • Technical / commercial support for closing agreements

  • Monitoring of competitors' patenting activities

  • Market Analysis

  • Comparative technical analysis

  • Interference analysis

  • Patent valuation and / or evaluation

  • Preliminary FTO

  • Technology deep dive analysis

  • Co-research and co-development process design, support and management

  • Patent Box Ratings

  • Research and development bonus