Our country's ability to innovate and its relative economic growth are directly proportional to our companies' ability to reduce technology transfer times.

Quantum Leap through its skills in Technology Transfer and Open Innovation, accelerates the growth process of client companies by creating the basis for entry into new markets, through the acquisition of Products, Know How and Patents, related to the most interesting technological frontiers .

The QL network extends to the world of scientific research and startups, SMEs and Corporate, worldwide.


Patent licensing and know-how transfer for the development of business opportunities:

  • Comparative technical analysis

  • Market analysis

  • Preliminary FTO (Freedom to Operate)

  • FTO (Freedom to Operate) and Interference Analysis

  • Industry leadership analysis

  • Technology deep dive analysis

  • Patent landscaping

  • Economic estimates of patents and trademarks

  • Identification and Scouting of potential patent buyers

  • Enhancement services

  • Valorisation strategy

  • Negotiation and business negotiations

  • Co-research and co-development process design, support and management