Sapienza 5.0 for Italy it is the solution that Saperi & Co, research and service center of Sapienza University of Rome e Quantum Leap IP, a leading company in technology transfer and open innovation, have designed to transform research into competitive innovation on the markets.

Sapienza 5.0 for Italy is a program that provides companies with a path to actively plan a new approach to business through the tools of the IP Strategy and consistent diversification. A structured ecosystem between Research, Industry, SMEs and Large Enterprises to meet the need for identify new market needs and find the most convenient and sustainable solutions. Thus a integrated model that enhances latent potential and business performance, based on an Open Innovation approach.

The multidisciplinary team of Sapienza and Quantum Leap makes available to entrepreneurs the set of technological, scientific, IT and humanistic knowledge.

The path is customized and built on the single company reality according to 3 main modules in line with the principles ofOpen Innovation 5.0: Training 5.0, Design 5.0, Production 5.0. The multidisciplinary projects activated will be able to acquire the 5.0 Human-Centered Enterprise Certification.

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