Quantum Leap IP is selecting interns, with engineering, economics, mathematics / physics or philosophical training.

The offer is reserved for people with analytical skills in reference to both quantitative and qualitative analysis, synthesis skills and who have excellent oral and written exposure.

We cater to people with an open and flexible mental attitude.

A good knowledge of written and spoken English is also required.

The interns will complete a path in order to fill the role of:

Tech Communication specialist
The intern will work in the field of communication supporting the activities of promotion, research and analysis of the specific contents of the Innovation themes, and specifically carrying out: text processing for promotional campaigns, press releases, newsletters, management of corporate social media channels.

Tech Transfer specialist
The intern will work in the technical area to support the activities of technology transfer, research and analysis of technologies and innovation themes dealt with by the company, promotion and enhancement of intellectual property, specifically carrying out: market analysis, economic evaluations and technical data sheets of the technologies under development.

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